Homework for March 13th

Technology Group

1. Think of one invention in history and think about how it changed the world. 

(write down your ideas and bring them to class) 

2. Read your first article and do these 2 things: Highlight 3 of the most interesting ideas in the article and write 3 questions.


Globalization Group

What is globalization? 

How is it bad? How is it good? 

(answer these questions and bring these answers to class)

2. Read your first article and do these 2 things: Highlight 3 of the most interesting ideas in the article and write 3 questions. (You can do this by writing in the margins) 

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4 Responses to Homework for March 13th

  1. help2013rick says:

    Read this information from our textbook, and use it when doing your homework tonight:

    1. Focus on ideas that interest you.
    – Highlight sections that capture your interest and make you pause and think.
    – Highlight sections that relate to your experiences or two ideas you have seen elsewhere.

    2. Write questions and comments in the margins.
    – Note words or sentences that you don’t understand.
    – Note examples or explanations that are unclear.
    – Write your reactions such as “I don’t believe this” or “this is exactly what happened to me” or “this idea is the same as what I already know or have read.”

  2. help2013rick says:

    This information may also help. It’s also from our textbook:

    Skim the article.
    – read first and last paragraphs.
    – Look for subtitles.
    – Look for keywords and repeated words.
    – Develop a general sense of the topic.
    – Then, read through the entire article.

    This, and the two suggestions above are three techniques for Open Reading.
    Open Reading is one of our skills in chapter one.

  3. luciakye says:

    1. flow of capital and commerce across national borders abetted by
    WEF, the World Bank, WTO, IMF
    2. McWorldized
    3. well connected than deeply connected
    4. the phrase and the speed

    1.more speed at exchange across national borders
    2.well conncted communication – sharing information
    3.apply global standard for individual

    1.loss of national characteristics, originality
    2.loss of being deeply connected/ rather generalized than specialized
    3.new economic hegemony between rich and poor nations


    1. How can I distinguish from global standards to an originality?

    2. Is there any solution of polarization between rich and poor countries?

    3. Can money buy happiness or satisfaction? and why?

  4. luciakye says:

    found your suggestions for homework by posting.
    will go through again according to them. thx. Rick.

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