Technology Group / First Responses

Ewelina, Yosuke, Fatimah, Janete, and Marco!

Please post your responses to these articles from our readings:

Technology, Progress, and Freedom by Edward W. Younkins

The Problem of Technology by Peter Augustine Lawler

Please post one response, and please post a reply to one of your classmates’ responses. (Post these responses and replies to this blog post)

Responses should be written according to the characteristics on page 14 in our textbook, using one of the techniques on page 14 and 15 of our textbook, and using the two steps on page 17 in our textbook. Please read these sections of our textbook before starting or finishing your response.

Please read your classmates responses, and post a reply to one of their responses. If a classmate’s response already has a reply, please reply to a different classmate’s response.

Also, please read Addicted to Phones by April Fawley Birdwell, and write at least 4 good questions in the margins as your read. Also, please highlight 4 sections or more in the article that are of interest to you, or ones that have a connection to an experience or similarity from your life.

Have a great weekend!

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11 Responses to Technology Group / First Responses

  1. Janete says:

    I wanted to comment on the statement of the author that technology and/or progress allows people to have more leisure time and that they would spend this extra time in activities that would make them better. Observing people using cellular phones, or note books or other numerous new gadgets born from all this technological revolution, one wonders if it is really true. For what I can see, these people are using all their extra time to see Internet gossips, use most of their time updating their Face book page with all the details of their lives, and trying to have more online friends,and playing games or messaging while walking. It is true that there are people using all these wonders to study or work, and that it can be used to help people, but the great majority of the people are not using technology to “perfect their souls”, but are simply alienating themselves from the world around. Technology is what you make of it. Maybe it is time to rethink what we do with it.

    • Yosuke Aida says:

      I agree with your opinion. I think that no technology is bad. People who use the technology can make it both better or worse. I have an example that is nuclear power. This technology can be used for making a bomb. On the other hand, it can be an energy source.

  2. Marco says:

    In “Technology, Progress, and Freedom”, Edward W. Younkis writes, ” An innovative idea from one man not only contributes to the progress of others, but also creates conditions permiting people to advance even further.” In other words, he says that technology allows people to improve their lives and it works as a reference for future technologies.
    I agree with the author about the benefits of technology in almost eveything that we do. Car, television, internet are all good examples of technologies that almost everybody use. It’s very hard to know somebody that doesn’t watch TV or doesn’t use computer these days. This fact happens because to keep in touch with news and people is much fast and easier by new technologies.
    The second point that I agree with Younkis is his statement that a new technology can serve to the development of other new technologies in the future. The case of I-pad from Apple is very illustrative of this fact. In the past, we only had regular PCs which were big and immovable. After a while, laptops were created allowing people move around with their PCs. Finally, Steven Jobs created the I-pads which are the better version of new computers because they are very thin, easy to carry and also easy to use.

    • Ewelina says:

      I really enjoyed reading your response. I also believe that technology is something that makes things easier, but it’s hard to stay up to date with it and chose between so many options on the market, for example, which phone is the best or most useful. I like your example about the evolution of PC’s. I am wondering about one thing, would you consider our age as the most innovative ever?

  3. Yosuke Aida says:

    I found one interesting idea from The Problem of Technology by Peter Augustine Lawler is that using technology is an issue for us because we can do nothing with no technologies and it obviously offer us both advantages and disadvantages.
    I do not concur with this opinion. What he said is maybe right because technologies have already became a part of our life and custom. In other words, most people can not stay alive without technologies. However, I think that using technologies is what we can, and it brings us many advantages. I am not saying that every technology is not tradeoff. I am saying that most technologies do not offer considerable disadvantages.

    • Janete says:

      I only want to add that sometimes the use of technology is making us forget some basic things like being able to do simple math without using a calculator or losing our sense of direction because it is more easy to use the phone app to localize yourself.

  4. Ewelina says:

    In “The problem of Technology” Peter Augustine Lawler writes “Technology is a problem because we cannot do without it and our use of it clearly makes us both better and worse”. Saying that people are enable to live without technology is a bit of an overstatement in my opinion. For me technological advancement demonstrates specific kind of vital partnership between us, humans and technology. There is no right or wrong when it comes to its influence, because if and how we are going to use technology, depends on us. Maybe it’s a bit naive thinking but, I strongly believe that each person is responsible for her/his actions and has free will to decide what’s good or bad for her/him. I can agree tough that in some cases technology makes us more lazy, less creative and adventurous, because it provides us with all the necessary answers.
    I heard once that there are always two choices, one easy and one hard. The only reword of the easy is that it’s easy. I think we should experiment and challenge ourselves from time to time, to see if it’s really so hard to live without certain technologies. My example: I don’t have television at my flat. It’s not such a necessity for me, I rarely watch tv anyway, because I’m too busy trying to make my dreams come true…

    • fatimah says:

      I agree with you Ewelina when you said that we can live without technology, it is challenging yes. I was addicted on watching documentary programs daily, I have never imagine myself living without watching Dr,Oz. But as I see now, I am just like you, I don not have TV in my apartment and I am still OK.

  5. help2013rick says:

    You guys are doing a great job! Keep working hard!

  6. fatimah says:

    I disagree with Edward in two points. the first one when he said that technology helps eliminate poverty. when we look at this we find that there was a huge transition in replacing worker by machines which was a horrible disappointing thing in the world of human- beings as workers. Machines let down many workers and made them lose their jobs. the second point is that “if people resisted technological change, they would be expressing their satisfaction with existing levels of disease “. I am pretty sure that the cause behind many disease such as anxiety and technology addiction lies as a danger of technology. Meditation recommenders usually exclude any devices for better treatment to who suffer from anxiety as an example.

    I also agree with the first sentence in the second article. For a long time, I have not seen a person with address note, when I saw a person was holding a note, I said where did she get this from. I totally agree we give all our confidence to these devices around us, as we are %100 sure that these devices won’t let us down. For example, we have simply all important phones number saved on our cell phone. Once we lose this device, we become lost. we unknownly disrupt our memories by depending totally on devices only.

    • Yosuke Aida says:

      I have read some articles written in Japanese and I do not even remember titles. Sorry about that. Those article said that in 15~20 years many Japanese will loose their jobs because machines can be the replacement. Also, Japanese income will be declined by this situation. Employers will not pay much money to their employees be because employers will think there are ton of substitution, easy to find new employees for them. As a result, the gulf between wealth and poverty will go on widening, and people who is born in poor can not be rich and educated. In my opinion, it has already occur a little, for younger people life is very complicated in Japan.

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