Wednesday, March 20th

Hi Everyone!

We need to do two things tonight:

1) Read the next article in our themes.

– Lucia, Nozomi, Tamaki, & Hang: The Deadly Noodle

– Fatimah, Ewelina, Marco, Yosuke, & Janete: Mind Over Mass Media

Please continue to take notes in the margins, asking questions and highlighting the most interesting parts of the article.

2) Please think about the articles that you have read, the discussions that you have had with groupmates, and the notes that you have taken, and decide which types of focus and which research questions might be good for your first paper. Choose 2 or 3 types of focus, or 2 or 3 research questions, and share them with us. Please give a short explanation for your reasons for choosing these research questions and/or types of focus. Share these ideas by adding a comment or reply to this post.

Types of Focus:

  • Cause and/or Effect
  • Comparison and/or Contrast
  • Definition
  • Classification
  • Problem and Solution
  • Process
  • Argument

(page 31 and 32 in our textbook)

Have a great night!

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11 Responses to Wednesday, March 20th

  1. Nozomi says:

    To write the first paper, I would like to choose the two types; Cause and/ or Effect and comparison, because I found globalization has both of positive effects and negative ones through the texbook and our discussion. Thus, I would like to focus on Cause and Effect first and then compare these two aspects.

  2. tamaki says:

    Types of Focuses: Cause, and its process of globalization
    Research questions;
    -Why consumer choice can be an element of a particular culture?
    -How consumerism affect local culture?

    In the essay “Globalization and Local Culture”, there are several evidence of the globalization that affects local culture, such as an eating habit in Italy and a festivity tradition in China. Both of the cases are elaborated based on American companies’ marketing, in short, consumerisms in local culture. Given that one explicit cause of globalization is the consumerism, it should be obvious that how consumer choice contribute to the changes in each culture.

  3. Janete says:

    I think that the type of focus I would like to use is Problem and Solution, if the problem caused by excessive use of the Internet or other technologies can have some kind of solution, if it is a problem or not. Or could be an argument debating the two sides of the question, if technology is making the people shallow, or if it is a panic reaction to something new, and it will make us smarter in the long run.

  4. Hang Le says:

    For my paper, I think that I choose ” Argument” or “Cause and Effect”. Globalization have positive and negative sides. In my opinion, globalization help us have better life ( open market, share culture, and more opportunity), also it affects to change culture in food ( example in China, Italy), health ( more obese by fast food and sugar drink) and movie ( in France).

  5. Yosuke Aida says:

    I am going to choose one of those three topic:cause/effect, compare/contrast, and argumentative. I think that I using technologies may cause both negatively and positively, so this is a exceedingly good topic for cause/effect. Also, I can compare life without technologies to with technologies, it can be life in nowadays VS a few decade a go. Finally, some articles that I have read mentioned about numerous disadvantages of using technologies, I can make a counter argument.

  6. Marco says:

    I have chosen definition, classification and effect as my three types of focus. I like definition because with this type of focus I can understand better what will be the concept of my topic. Classification is very interesting to me because with it I can focus my topic (technology) in some specific inventions that I’m more interested. At least, I want to use effect because this focus makes me to think more deeply about how technology can affect people’s lifestyle.

    • Marco says:

      Definition: What is technology?

      Classification: What are the different types of technology?

      Effect: What are the positive or negative effects of technolgy?

  7. Ewelina says:

    At the moment it’s still a bit blurry for me which way I should go while writing the paper. Technology is such an interesting topic, but it’s also a very broad one. After reading articles and checking my notes I think that the three types of focus I would like to use are: Cause/Effect, Classification and Argument. I find it interesting to write about the consequences of technology, its impact on us, also how people use it, but at the same time give my opinion about it, because I do agree with certain things from the articles about technology.

  8. luciakye says:

    The Deadly Nuddle
    Michael Hastings, Stefan Thiel & Dana Thomas
    January 20, 2003
    Newsweek, Vol.141, Issue3

    Americanization affects on nutrition and health the whole globe.

    fast food/ junk food – specially in France
    refined noodle – all
    processed cooking oil – case in Vietnam
    sugar – in Brazil
    tins of corned beef – in Fiji
    Potato Couch – exported American Lifestyle

    raising Health-care cost

    Who pays the health-care bill in developing countries?
    Is there any ethical control in food industry?
    What affects on agriculture, if we more and more factory food consume?

  9. fatimah says:

    I think it is too early for me to decide the focus from now
    I have many many focusing in my mind
    yesterday I just wrote down 10 focuses
    I need to read maybe all the articles to say what my mind will decide

  10. luciakye says:

    still thinking of my focus. need a little more time to decide how.

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