2 Research Questions

Hi Everyone!

When you have finished writing your response and summary, please write two research questions and add them to this post. These research questions should be the result of careful thought and checking of notes. Your research questions need two things (from page 31 in our textbook):

  1. The topic of your paper, usually in the form of a noun or noun phrase
  2. The focus (or focuses), which suggests what you will say about the topic and tells you what kind  of information to look for as you read.

Tonight, you need only to add these two research questions to this post. However, on Wednesday, I want everyone to reply to both research questions of one of their groupmates. When you do this, please read the research questions and answer the following questions for each one:

  • What is the topic?
  • What is the focus? (what are the focuses?)
  • What information from the readings might be useful?
  • What information should he or she look for?

Have a great Tuesday! Have fun!

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8 Responses to 2 Research Questions

  1. help2013rick says:

    Hi Everyone!

    At this point in your studies, you should be reading through your articles and notes and highlighting the parts that will help to answer your research questions. Without direction, it will take a long time to write your paper. Right now, we should be focusing our ideas by writing good research questions, choosing a focus, rereading our articles, and finding the notes or highlighted parts of our articles that will help to answer our research questions. It’s not so easy, but we can use this forum for discussions. Please post comments and replies for your groupmates. Let’s help each other!

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  3. Janete says:

    2 questions – Technology and human values
    1 – Is the use of technology alienating us from other people?
    2 – Is technology making us loose what makes us human or is it enhancing our qualities?

  4. Yosuke Aida says:

    Topic: High-tech Artificial Limb the New solution.
    1. What is the advantages/disadvantages of using mechanical artificial limbs.
    2. Do these new limbs make any new possibilities for patients?

  5. Nozomi says:

    Topic: Globalization’s good and bad effects on international society.
    Q1. What is positive and negative aspects of globalization
    My research topic ; positive aspect- help protect human rights such as child and women.
    negative aspect- westernized economic system

  6. Marco says:

    1. What are the reasons for the popularity of Facebook?

    2. How different are watching TV and reading books as sources of information?

  7. luciakye says:

    Topic: Globalization and Culture
    Focus: classification, problem and solution

    Q 1. Are regional traditions lost by globalization?
    Q 2. Is that a regional problem?

  8. fatimah says:

    Topic: The Technology Inside Our Brain
    Focus: process

    Q 1. How our brains can deal with a huge sum of information?
    Q 2. what type of thinking do we adapt with many resources?

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