April 3rd !

Hi Everyone,

Tonight, we need to start working on creating (chapter 4) our papers. Please use your outlines to begin work on your first paper. You will need to finish a (rough?) version of the paper by Tuesday of next week. If you begin today, and if you complete one paragraph each day, you will be able to finish by then (use your outlines). Please come to meet with me if you need any help. Soon, I will post your outlines to this website. We will help our group mates to find evidence for their papers, and we will help our group mates to improve their outlines. Check here later for the outlines. Have a great night! Work on your papers! Bring questions to class tomorrow about writing these papers! (^_^ )

Also, I wanted to repeat something that I said in class today about the grammar and writing mechanics work that we are doing:

  • Please work on these when you have time throughout the term.
  • Do the exercises first, and when you encounter trouble, check the lesson explanations for help.
  • After checking the lesson explanations, please post a question at the bottom of the page; I will try to answer all questions as soon as possible.
  • Please post a comment when you complete any lesson, even when you have no questions.
  • When you have difficulty with a grammar issue and find helpful information on the lesson explanation page, please copy and paste this information to a comment box and leave this comment at the bottom of the page. This way, everyone in our class can see this helpful information.
  • You will need to leave at least 5 comments for different grammar pages in order to get a B for this participation grade. If you want an A, you will need to leave comments for at least 8 of these pages.


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