Citations and Reference Lists

Hey Guys,

Look on our Resources page for some great links to digital tools that will help you to make citations and reference lists. Also, you will find two links for Purdue’s Online Writing Lab, a great place to search for answers to many APA and MLA formatting and style questions.

Most of us will be using APA for our academic writing.


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6 Responses to Citations and Reference Lists

  1. Fatimah says:

    Hi Rich

    I am having difficulty citing studies

    How can I cite a study?


  2. help2013rick says:

    I see…

    So, if you are going to quote or paraphrase these lines, your in-text citation should look like this:

    – (Birdwell, 2007) for a paraphrase where you do not mention the author’s name.
    – (2007) for a paraphrase where you mention the author’s name.
    – (Birdwell, 2007) for a quote. Here, we do not use a page number because it’s a web source.

    These in-text citations should come at the end of the paraphrase, before the period. However, if you mention the author’s name in the paraphrase, you can put the (2007) in the text after the author’s name, like this: “Birdwell (2007) says that…”

    If you are using a quote, you will need to include the page number where you found the quote (unless it’s a web source). These page numbers come at the end of the quote, before the period.

    Look here for some good examples.

  3. help2013rick says:

    The Reference list citation should look like this:

    Birdwell, A. F. (2007). Addicted to Phones? Retrieved from

  4. Fatimah says:

    Thanks Rick, it is an elaborated explanation

    I will work on my citation using your advice

    THANKS again

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