Open Reading

Hi Everyone,

Please do some open reading tonight.

Please skim, and then read (in part or in whole) the first article from the Risk Theme in our textbook. When you are finished, please write a response and post it to this page. Don’t forget to include a reference for each response. In this post, in addition to the response, you can write a question or two that you asked yourself when reading the article. Finally, for those who have not submitted their first papers, please send me a digital copy by 5pm today. I will be putting these on our website here and here. Tomorrow and Thursday, you will be giving some feedback for your classmates based on a feedback worksheet that will soon be uploaded to our Resources page.

Important: If you are going to be finding original sources for a topic that is not in our textbook, please start looking for sources now; you will need to submit at least 5 sources by the end of this week; otherwise, you will need to do one of the themes in our textbook.

If you have any questions, please leave a reply at the bottom of this post or meet with me.

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