April 16th

Hi guys!

  • Let’s finish our 1st papers tonight and turn them in tomorrow. (In particular, be careful with parts of speech; some of you are using adjectives when you should be writing nouns, or using nouns when you should be writing something different. Make sure that you are using the correct part of speech for the words in your sentences. Also, use the Feedback worksheet to check your paper organization and use of evidence)
  • Also, let’s continue reading our sources for our 2nd paper, taking notes for Open Reading, writing questions in the margins, highlighting main ideas, posting responses and citations (here, here, or here), and posting some good questions (possibly good research questions) here.
  • Also, please start thinking about how you might want to focus your ideas for the second paper. As you take notes and highlight your reading sources, think about which parts and ideas might help you to focus your paper.

Be careful with the feedback that I gave you. Not all suggestions are good. Use your knowledge of grammar and writing, and if you have any doubts, please check with me!

(^_^ )

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