Paraphrases & Outlines

Hi Dudes,

  • I gave feedback for each of your presentations; you can read this feedback on each of your presentation pages. Everyone did a great job! 
  • Please post updates for your Outlines for the 2nd Paper! Use the feedback that your classmate gave you, and use this worksheet to give yourself some feedback.
  • Please post your group’s steps for writing a paraphrase here !
  • If you guys post additional examples for how to write a paraphrase, I will give you extra credit for each example you add to the page. Do it! It’s great practice! And besides, you need to write some paraphrases for your final paper anyways!
  • (I will check your paraphrase writing steps)

After these things above, you only need to work on your final draft of your 2nd paper!

Remember, these papers do not need to be perfect. Focus on choosing good evidence and integrating this evidence into your papers, making sure that each piece of evidence is clearly linked to the focus of your paper, and clearly linked to the topic sentence of its paragraph.

You guys are wonderful !


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