Advantages of Technology: Robots have a Positive Impact on our Lives


8 Responses to Ewelina

  1. Marco says:

    I. How can we assure that robots are under control of humans?
    II. Do you believe that a robot is better than a real person to take care of elderly?

  2. Janete says:

    I thought your presentation was nice. You used your time well and finished within the 8
    minutes that was given.
    I was thinking about what you said about the robot dogs and that in the future they could look a lot more like real dogs. Do you think that children in the future would prefer a robot dog because it would be more obedient and could be programmed to do more tricks than real dogs?

  3. Nozomi says:

    HI, Ewalina, I have two questions
    I used to play tamagochi before and I always took care of the baby. haha
    Although it was very fun, do you think it has negative effect on child’s life?

  4. Fatimah says:

    Hi Ewelina,

    Good job, you got the other side of my paper which I like it

    Would like to ask you

    After your experience with Tamogotchi, when you think about it now, how do you feel, do you feel that was worth or it just was childish stuff?

    Would you prefer having a real dog for your children in the future or robotic one is better?


  5. Yosuke Aida says:

    Hello, Ewelina.
    I like your topic about robot stuff. I did not mention it today because of the time limitation, but I actually wanted to say about robot in the future.

    BTW, overall I like your presentation, however, you may emphasize your important points. To do it, you can be slowdown when you say important points and/or thesis.

  6. tamaki says:

    Hi Ewe,

    You seemed like professional. I think your topic sentences, supporting ideas, and your personal experiences were well integrated into your presentation.

    Afterwards I came up with an idea about changing life style because of technology, which is a very ‘process’-related question. Have human beings been holding the same definition of the term ‘technology’ since the word created? or has it changed the meaning when they have a new invention realized?

    Listening your presentation, I always think that I would have done like you. At the same time, still I would like to tell you that you may improve your presentation skill if you can utilize stop(period) in your speech. Chances are listeners can soak your idea if there is space to think instead of listening without short breaks.

  7. Hang Le says:

    Hi I like your ideas about robot dogs that can help allergic people.
    Do you think people will choose animal robot instead of real animal?

  8. help2013rick says:

    Hi Ewelina,

    You gave a nice presentation! Thank you!

    – Nice Prezi ! Was it fun!
    – You made a strong, well organized argument.
    – You have strong public speaking skills!
    – Great evidence and examples! eg: Sony’s Aibo reduces stress. Robots can monitor behavior. The Japanese professor can be in two places at once.
    – It was a nice idea to reference your grandmother; we can use evidence or examples from our own lives.
    – You have a lot of personality when you give a presentation; this is an asset! Great!

    These are just some complements and suggestions that I have for you.
    You did a great job! Thank you!

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