People’s Rapports Changed with Technology


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18 Responses to Fatimah

  1. tamaki says:

    Hi Fatimah,

    Thank you for your excellent presentation with Prezi.

    Firstly, I would like to ask a question to you.
    In case people are using social media, what do they expect from the materials while we sacrifice real interaction in each other?

    Secondly, if I could suggest you, I would say two points.
    One is that the tone of your voice were kept emphasizing. As a listener, it might not be obvious what was your opinion and what was the supporting evidences. Although, your voice tones were attracting audience from the beginning to the end.
    The other is that your Prezi’s slides seemed to have excessive words or sentences. Usually information doesn’t come to audience’s minds in a brief presentation.

    • Fatimah says:

      Hi Tamaki,
      Thank you for your comments
      Actually when people use the devices for example to contact someone, they ignore another one who is sitting beside.
      So they think that they get closer from each other by chatting.
      If he or she talked with whom sitting beside, they actually would convey more feelings.

      SECOND, Tamaki I think the loud tine is because my loud voice, I will work on that and paying more attention

      I Could Not Understand Your Point
      Do You Mean That I Should Have Been More Elaborate or The Opposite?

  2. Janete says:

    You did a good job with your presentation. You mentioned that people were losing jobs and friends because of excessive phone, or Facebook use. Do you personally know someone that had this problem?
    I think that when you get nervous your the tone of your voice gets very high and you begin to speak too quickly. Maybe if you concentrate in controlling your voice, you would become
    a little more calm.

  3. Marco says:

    I. What coul be the good benefits of Facebook?
    II. How people can be educated to use technology ?

    • Fatimah says:

      Hi Marco,

      For example I can still keep in touch with people who I might not see them again.

      I think people should be more conscious than educate to prevent the positive effects of technology

      Hope that I answered all of your questions


  4. Nozomi says:

    1. Do you think that SNS have negative effect on child’s education?
    2. What kinds of distructions do Facebook have toward people ?

  5. Fatimah says:

    Hi Nazomi,

    DO You mean SMS ?


    I would say that SMS doesn’t affect on children, s education , it actually helps them if they use it correctly


    The most noticeable destruction that Facebook makes the relationship cold.
    If you remember my example on the board, that gives you a clear understanding

    Hope that I answered all of your questions


  6. Yosuke Aida says:

    Fatimah, I have one question to you.
    I know some people think/say that even if they are addicted to internet/phone, it benefit them a lot.
    How do you think about it?

    You did a good job, but I suggest that you should say thesis statement. Possibly, you may say it but I did not notice your thesis. So you should be show down when you say it, and emphasize it.
    Also, one slide should have less than 20 words I think. When I see many words on one slide, I am not sure whether I am supposed to read it or listen.

    • fatimah says:

      Hi Yousuke,

      thank you for your comment
      I liked this so much “Also, one slide should have less than 20 words I think. When I see many words on one slide, I am not sure whether I am supposed to read it or listen”.

      I will think about it, and I Will see what the best is for me

      about the thesis statement, I actually mentioned and also it had a whole slide

      for your question, I think that is the unconscious usage, when we focus all our relation on the virtual world and give our back for the real life’s relations

      I hope I answered you

      let me know If you have any thing else

      thank you

  7. Hang Le says:

    Hi Fatimah
    We have already known that the benefits and risks of social media. Do you have some suggestion to prevent problems of social media?

    • fatimah says:

      Hi Hang,

      I would like to say that be moderate and appreciate your real life’s relationship
      make your connection more with people around you

      I hope I answered you

      let me know If you have any thing else

      thank you

  8. Ewelina says:

    Hello Fatimah 🙂
    Good Job!!! When it comes to suggestions I must say Tamaki and Janete said everything before me. Girl, you have some power in that voice 🙂 Sometimes the tone of your voice is a bit too loud, and you do speak fast, but that just minor things that maybe you can work on for the future. And like Tamaki said, I caught myself reading from slides, instead of focusing on you. I would put less information, just main words or short sentences of what you are going to talk about.
    Btw…You are so much better with Prezi than me !!!
    Q: What do you think about relationship/friendships on Facebook? Are all of them artificial or it’s
    possible to have a genuine ones?

    • fatimah says:

      HI Ewelina,

      thank you for your comment, I will take them in consideration

      Ewelina, I would answer your question by saying there is no best way to know each other better than real life’s communication skills

      Imagining having an online boyfriend, would you think of getting married to him, even if you keep touch with him 24/7,

      there is nothing can uncover the real personality such as the real life’s communication skills

      I hope I answered you

      let me know If you have any thing else

      thank you

  9. help2013rick says:

    Hi Fatimah,

    You gave a nice presentation! Thank you!

    – Your timing was strong: 9 minutes or so
    – You made a great Prezi ! Each slide was nicely designed! Great!
    – You are a strong speaker! Confident voice, loud and clear pronunciation, etc.
    – You spoke too quickly at times, but this is OK because you only had 8 minutes to speak about many things.
    – “Staffordshire” is pronounced stǽfərdʃìər. But you made a good comment when you said “I can’t pronounce it” This was good! (^_^ )
    – Nice mention of the Sherry Turkle book! Interesting!
    – You said “sooner no later” but I think you meant to say “sooner or later”.
    – I really liked the mentioning of the study about the low-tech Japanese peers, and how they are viewed differently in that place. Wow! Cool stuff!

    These are just some complements and suggestions that I have for you.
    You did a great job! Thank you!

    • fatimah says:

      Thank you so much for your comment I likes them so much, I promise you I will take them in consideration

      that actually means a lot for me

      I think I am a good student because you are a great teacher

      Thank you sooooo much

  10. fatimah says:

    I am sooooo sorry for forgetting that


    you can see my Prezi know

    thank you

    and sorry again

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