The Writing Process



9 Responses to Lucia

  1. Janete says:

    Your presentation was good and I liked it. After all the considerations of the writing process and the ideas you had about the skeleton, of telling a story about the writing, etc., I would like to ask you what do you think of your first paper? Do you think that you could concretize your ideas into words the way you wanted to?
    Maybe you could only mention some of the creative steps, without too many details to cut
    your presentation time.

  2. Marco says:

    I agree with you when you told that is better writing our ideas before using evidences or extra sources. I did this in my paper. First I wrote everything that came to my mind and after I tried to connected my ideas with the evidences. I think this process sounds more natural.

    I. Do you use the steps of writing in your own papers?
    II. Which points do you think are the most important in each step of writing?

  3. Fatimah says:

    Hi Lucia,

    Thank you for your great presentation

    You totally conveyed the importance of Writing process very well

    I liked your examples for the clarification so much

    Would like to ask you how this process was helpful for you

    THANKS again for the great presentation

  4. tamaki says:

    HI Lucia,

    By listening your presentation, I could learn a lot about writing. Thank you.

    But still I need to ask you because I have a different structure method from the ideas of the book you showed us. I would decide a type of focus after close reading or even during creating structure. Actually I might have decided my paper’s focus roughly before I started open reading. There might be some irregular patterns. Do you agree?

    With regards your presentation, I would say that your way of presentation was outstanding and interesting. You could organized introductive part, transition, body, personal experience, and ending so smoothy, …except time management. It should be highly taken into consideration. Even though, you seemed no stress so that you could explain everything about your idea.

  5. Nozomi says:

    Thanks to you, I learned a lot about writing,
    Especially, skelton is interesting. is it like brainstorming?

    I hope to see you tomorrow !

  6. Yosuke Aida says:

    Your Ideas were original, I like it. It was not just only from our textbook, you added much information about writing processes. Just, I thing I could see that you could not say some of what you wanted to say right? So, you may think about what information you have, and cut off less importance part.
    I also have a question. How do you do the polish part? You had no time to say much about it. However, I am not good at polishing, so I want to know how you do.

  7. Hang Le says:

    I like your presentation and it’s helpful for me.
    Do you think that we should follow every single step or just some important step for writing?

  8. Ewelina says:

    Hi Lucia,
    I think you did a great job, you are a good speaker. The only thing I would recommend you is to chose important points a bit better. Your speech was longer than 20 minutes 😉 Describing whole writing process in 8 minutes seems impossible when you put some much personal experience. It’s a shame that you didn’t make a presentation about your own ideas, because that part sounded very interesting, and I really would like to hear more about them. Unfortunately you didn’t described them in details so I didn’t understand some of them.

  9. help2013rick says:

    Hi Lucia,

    You gave a nice presentation! Thank you!

    – Great use of Keynote presentation software!
    – I really like that you reviewed all of the stages of the writing process. Well done!
    – You have a great personality for giving presentations!
    Very friendly, but also charmingly academic.
    – Good volume, good pronunciation, good speed (a little fast here and there, maybe).
    – I really liked your original ideas for writing! “skeleton/flesh” comparison, etc.
    – “We need research questions to make our ideas more concrete.” nice!
    – I like your original ideas for writing a thesis statement. Great!
    – You went a little long: 12 minutes. Be careful with timing.

    These are just some complements and suggestions that I have for you.
    You did a great job! Thank you!

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