Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet


8 Responses to Marco

  1. Janete says:

    Your presentation was good and you really finished within the time limit.
    You said that when people do research or any kind of work using the Internet, there are too many distractions, like when you said that people stop to check their mail. Do you have this experience of stopping what you were doing to see Facebook, or check mail or anything like that?
    I thought that maybe you could use a little more emphasis on the main points.

  2. tamaki says:

    Hi Marco,

    You gave us a cool presentation today. While I like reading paper book, I also like looking for digital source materials for academic assignments.

    My question is about your focus.
    Because I could not catch your main theme, your arguments (pro/con) is a little vague for me. Is your theme about…
    In what situations we should use Internet or not? (Clarification)
    Advantages/disadvantages of Internet for our academic performances? (Process)

    My suggestion is that we should have been told about your motivation/opinion. When I listen something from someone, I always expect to be told the presenter’s motivation why this guy is going to talk us about this topic. This, in turn, leads to attracting introduction.

  3. Fatimah says:

    Hi Marco
    You did a great job in your presentation
    Your ideas were understandable
    I think that is gonna be more enjoyable if you used any visual idea
    Good job at managing time
    One thing that I could not connect to your ideas is that the eyes damage
    I could not match the evidence

    THANKS for the wonderful presentation

  4. Nozomi says:

    Hi, Marco,
    I like your presentation and I agree with one of your idea that too much information destruct us from focusing something. Although it is necessary for our life to use Internet, we should think of how to use it…

    See you tomorrow !

  5. Yosuke Aida says:

    I like your presentation, it was really good. I think I can only suggest one thing that you should make a strong conclusion. It can be your prediction or summarizing I think.

  6. Hang Le says:

    I like your presentation and I agree with your ideas.
    Do you have some suggestion to prevent and solve problems from Internet?

  7. Ewelina says:

    Hi Marco,
    I think you did a great job preparing and executing your presentation. One advise for the future, you may try to include some visual elements and maybe speak a bit louder. You have so many fine ideas to talk about, it would be nice to hear them a bit more clearly 🙂
    Does Internet plays an important part in your everyday life? Do you think invention of the Internet is more on the positive side then negative, or opposite to that?

  8. help2013rick says:

    Hi Marco,

    You gave a nice presentation! Thank you!

    – Great timing! Exactly 8 minutes!
    – Your main points were very clear.
    – Your pronunciation needs a little improvement;
    make sure that keywords are pronounced clearly, the words and phrases that you use repeatedly in the talk.
    – Your paper is good, and your presentation reflected this. Nice!
    – I think a powerpoint presentation would have helped the listeners, but you did well with only your paper in hand. Good Job!
    – Your focus was clear; Adv vs Disadv in the use of technology. Good!
    – “Paper doesn’t need electricity” etc. = good use of evidence!

    These are just some complements and suggestions that I have for you.
    You did a great job! Thank you!

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