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  2. Janete says:

    The author Jina Moore said that “social entrepreneurs” are a special kind of people that can not sit still until their goal, of changing society as a whole, come to fruition, even if it means to sacrifice their personal lives and take years for any results to appear. Although changes can require many types of resources, the most important seems to be the audacity of the entrepreneur in pursuing his dreams, and that audacity comes from his own background. I think that although social entrepreneurs are important, they have to have followers, the people who can sustain their dreams and help them realize these dreams. These followers don’t get to be famous or receive prizes, but they are the ones that are contributing to the fundamental changes in society.

    Moore, J. (2009, september 7). Extreme do-gooders-what makes them tick. Retrieved from

  3. Hang Le says:

    Ted Tollefson said that ” The hero lives a life worthy of imitation.” People only think the hero should be perfect and they are living and helping without reasons for everyone not only for themselves. Also, The Heroes are special people who are able to change and improve the perfect life. The heroes are steadfast and dauntless. I think that everyone has own heroes and their heroes should be done something which they are not able to do.
    Ted, T. (1993). Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich?

  4. fatimah says:

    We have relied on good doers to defend environmental issues, develop kids’ education, and alleviate the poverty.

    Moore. J. (2009). Extreme Do-Gooders- What Makes Them Tick?. Retrieved from

  5. tamaki says:

    In February 2013, BBC News reported an article about a lady’s death with a cardiac arrest, which was suspected to result from excessive consumption of sugar and caffeine. The sufferer had been addicted to drinking Coca-cola, such as “drank up to 10 litres of the fizzy drink each day”(2013). In other words, she consumed almost 10 kilograms everyday.

    Before discussing whether or not the Coca-cola is an unhealthy drink, we have to point out why nobody could stop her to drink high-calorie sodas. I believe any governors, doctors, or family members might not have a right to criticize the soda company in spite of the fact that the sufferer had been victimized without offering any effective remedy for addiction to sugar and caffeine. They almost seems to be keen for obtaining compensation from the other.

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  7. luciakye says:

    Very clear writing format.
    Ms.Polster writes that there are many ordinary women and men are actually heroes beyond the classic stereotype of heroes. She also picked up 5 focus of the quality of Heroes.
    1.Respect for human life 2.Faith in her effective exercise of choice 3.original perspective 4.courage 5.public or unpublic heroism, in short. (according to her titles)

    It encourages to be a hero of your life and responsible for your surroundings.
    I like this idea more. Because it shows how to deal with your inner self courageously to outer world. Anyone can have Hero in his/herself.

    Polster, M.,(2001) Eve’s Daughters. SourceWork (p.161,162)

  8. luciakye says:

    Do-Gooders look sometimes only as an elusive chutzpah.
    But if there is no acceptance of them, there would be only small opening of ‘Changing the system’.
    American society has a unique form of social engagement apart from tendency of communitarian impulses are dying off elsewhere. (Putnam, R.,Source Work p.164)

    Yeah~ another example of American propaganda.
    But I do agree to admit that there are people who aspire to make the world for a better place and respect them a lot.
    In my point of view Ms. Moore could not address what makes them really tick concretely.
    Well, IT IS also hard to make a clear view of the origin.

    Moore, J., (2009).Extreme do-gooders-what makes them tick.
    Retrieved from

  9. luciakye says:

    Hi Rick,
    Can I delete one posting of mine? if yes, how?
    If you can do this for me, I wanna delete 2nd of 3 writings by me.

    Now I AM sick from my kid, but I’ll be at the class tomorrow at amy rate!!!!

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