Open Reading 5 & 6

Use this page for recording your responses to the 5th and 6th sources for your second paper. Don’t forget to include a citation item for the source! (^_^ )


4 Responses to Open Reading 5 & 6

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  3. luciakye says:

    It is a touching story of settling Grameen bank,a new system of micro loan bank whose loaner own the bank, founded by Muhammed Yunus in Bangladesh.
    Mr. Yunus wrote about his motivation, “I was teaching elegant theories of economics while seeing people dying of hunger outside the classroom.” and he tackled against classic concept of bank.
    Finally he founded a bank for poor people and developed it to a sustainable social business.
    Mr.Yunus also said that Profit maximization is not the answer, which is directly against ‘capitalism’.
    In my opinion it would be our biggest subject for searching the next system after capitalism.

    Yunus, M.,(2000) The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development,
    Reflections, Vol.9, Number 2, Source Work (p.167-169)

  4. luciakye says:

    The author states that this is about a pragmatic way to exert leverage in a conflict. (Merriman, H.,(2008) Agents of Change and Nonviolent Action, Source Work p.165). Nonviolent Action is committed when the society is derived from people’s consent and obedience under any kind of pressure.
    The author, G.Sharp, categorizes it for 3 in the book, “Waging Nonviolent Struggle:20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential(2005) Porter Sargent Publishers, Boston) : 1. Acts of commission 2. Acts of omission 3.Acts of commission and omission.
    The author also writes that Nonviolent Action is an inclusive vision that unites people, sound strategic planning, effective public communications, and the identification of appropriate methods for the situation. (Merriman, H.,(2008) Agents of Change and Nonviolent Action, Source Work p.166)
    I could understand more about ‘How to make a good change’ after reading this article.

    Merriman, H.,(2008) Agents of Change and Nonviolent Action
    Conservation Biology, Vol.22,Issue 2, Source Work(p.165-167)

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