These are the outlines for our second papers:



Yosuke   Yosuke Outline

Tamaki   Tamaki Outline

Nozomi   Nozomi Outline

Fatimah   Fatimah Outline

Janete   Janete Outline

Hang   Hang Outline


4 Responses to Outlines

  1. help2013rick says:

    Hi guys!

    Use the feedback from your classmate, but also use the Outline worksheet to give feedback for yourself. Redo, or rewrite your outline and post the updates here! We need full and complete outlines for our 2nd paper! Find Evidence! Organize your paper! You can do it!

  2. fatimah says:

    I think I would not mention about Type T personality, I will be writing about the traits of risk takers

    thank you Hang for your great feedback

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