7 Responses to Prepositions

  1. Fatimah says:

    I have done 2 exercises , it is really frustrating

    • help2013rick says:

      Prepositions are frustrating. Don’t worry.
      I understand your feelings. Like articles, we simply need to hear them, read them, and try using them as often as possible until we grow used to them. It will take a long time. I wonder if the lesson explanations are helpful?

  2. Janete says:

    In the lesson there is this sentence ” I like to sit in that red armchair” and “The little boy sat on the big chair”. Is “that” from “that red armchair” that needs the preposition in?

    • help2013rick says:

      This is a good question, Janete!
      “that” and “in” are not connected.
      An armchair looks like this.
      Meanwhile, a normal chair looks like this.
      A person sits “in an armchair” and “on a normal chair” because an armchair has a special shape that surrounds the person.
      Prepositions and articles are deictic. This means that we need to know what kind of chair we are talking about. Do you understand?

  3. luciakye says:

    OK. prep. of time is more clear than of position.
    fun exercises!!

  4. Ewelina says:

    In my opinion prepositions seem to have no logic :/ I think you have to learn them by heart, or they must be learned in context. It’s so hard for the speaker or writer who is not a native to always use them correctly. I did all exercises and still make the same mistakes 😦 That kind of exercises are extremely useful, because if you repeat them over and over again, the prepositions with the word that follows them stick in the head 🙂

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