Class Worksheets, etc.

Sourcework Resources

Proper Language and Academic Tone

For building citations and reference lists:

In-Text Citations

Making a Reference List

For general rules about citations and reference lists:

Giving Academic Presentations in English


14 Responses to Resources

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  4. Fatimah says:

    Hi Rick,
    If I had more than one quote from the same article, how many work cited should be in the references?


    • help2013rick says:

      Hi Fatimah,

      Good question!

      You only need one reference item for the source, even if you use 2 or more quotes/paraphrases from that source.

      And don’t forget; when you use a quote, the in-text citation should have the page number where you found the quote.

      – Rick

      • Fatimah says:

        Thanks Rick,
        But the thing is that I had the quotes from an online article, so there is no page numbers


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  7. Yosuke Aida says:

    Rick, this Resources page is awesome! You have posted many useful information. Thank you.

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