Sentence Problems

Sentence Problems


Exercise 1

Exercise 2


7 Responses to Sentence Problems

  1. Janete says:

    I did the exercises about the sentence problems, but without seeing the lesson, I couldn’t perceive what was comma splice, run-on and fragment.

  2. help2013rick says:

    Yes, for these exercises, we might need to look at the lesson explanations first. However, even if we do not know what these words mean, we can still find the best sentences, right?

  3. luciakye says:

    Oh! It took more than a half of exercise to understand meaning of the questions…. ><

  4. Ewelina says:

    I think these exercises were the most difficult ones. Mainly, because I don’t understand the definition of terms like, run-on and comma splice. I’ve never heard about them before. I don’t think they are part of typical grammar classes studies too. When it comes to commas, I don’t know all the rules in my native language so it’s even harder in English. Over all very educating lesson.

    • help2013rick says:

      As mentioned above, I should have told everyone to study the lesson first, and then do the exercises. That would have been better!

      You guys have worked hard! Good job!

  5. help2013rick says:

    Even though it was hard to learn the terminology, and hard to do these exercises, I hope that the challenge has helped these concepts to be planted more firmly in your memory. Let’s hope so!

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