This class will focus on developing an academic paper through sequenced writing. You will learn to explore a topic by reading predetermined sources of information. You will learn to focus your ideas for this topic, organize your paper, write your paper, and refine it. Next, you will learn to explore a freely chosen topic and locate appropriate sources of information for this topic. You will further learn to focus your ideas, organize your paper, write it, and refine it. You will also learn how to avoid plagiarism through the use of paraphrasing, quotation, and citation. Through this class you will improve your understanding of the research process and conventions of advanced academic writing.


• Write a multi-page research paper

• Become familiar with the typical organizational patterns of a research paper in an American academic context.

• Conduct research by locating appropriate resources

• Demonstrate the ability to summarize, paraphrase, and quote appropriately.

• Become familiar with standard academic referencing conventions (MLA and/or APA)

• Demonstrate proper conventions of formatting in academic research paper writing.


Required Texts: The Essentials of English: A Writers (C. Boardman).

Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources, 2nd editon (Dollahite & Haun), 2011.

Exercises to Accompany The Essentials of English (Baker).

  • Simon and Schusters Handbook for Writers.
  • Additional Handouts as needed.


Our class will have a wordpress blog where we practice writing for online forum discussions. This blog will also be used for posting and answering questions, and for other forms of practice and communication. Each week, you are expected to participate in the online forum by writing a response to a posted article, or by responding to a classmates response or questions. You are encouraged to post replies to your classmates’ responses.


Your teacher cares about you very much, and he wants you to benefit as much as possible while studying at HELP. If you are not satisfied by the work in this class, or if you have any questions or concerns about this class, you must meet with your teacher and communicate your concerns as soon as possible.


Participation = 50%

Timeliness = 10%

Final Draft of Papers = 30%

One Short Presentation = 10%


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