The Bionic Body


12 Responses to Yosuke

  1. Marco says:

    I agree with you that the excessive use of technolgy such as Internet has been causing more isolation in society, but I think many people don’t know how to live real lives, so I ask you;

    I. What we should do to incentivate children to play more outside?
    II. How we could integrate more elderly people with young people?

  2. Janete says:

    The topic that you chose was very interesting. The images that you showed us were very
    interesting too. You talked about Oscar Pistorius the Blade Runner. He is having lots of problems now. Did you find some psychological reasons for people to use or not to use some of the new technology in cases of injuries?
    You videos were interesting, but I thought they left little time for you to say all that you
    wanted to say. 8 minutes are not much. Maybe next time it would be better if you divided the time
    between what you want to say and what you want to show.

    • Yosuke Aida says:

      Sorry Janete, I have never seen any article about bionic bodies from psychological view.
      You may right about time management. In fact, I do not use video usually, but this topic is pretty unusual, so I prepared it.

  3. Nozomi says:

    Hi, Yosuke.
    your presentation is very interesting. I have a question.
    I think Bionic ddies is very important technology, but not all of people who need the tech can afford to gain it . So it is needed to cost down or financial aids from government in the future.
    Do you have some idea of the way that more people gain this.

    • Yosuke Aida says:

      It will be cheaper with time I think. The technology is still new. New things are always expensive such as personal computers(Mac/Win). 20yers ago computers were very expensive like $5,000.

  4. Fatimah says:

    Hi Yousuke,

    Your topic is more than interesting

    I like it so much

    I would like to read more about it, which resources do you recommend me reading?
    I know that students can study this major under biomedical department

    BTW you were good at managing time


  5. Yosuke Aida says:

    Thank you Fatimah. Then, I think that is very interesting information http://eyeborgblog.com/
    Please visit the web site. In my presentation today, I showed you bionic hand right? And this is bionic eye. It is just amazing.

  6. tamaki says:

    Hi Yosuke,

    Your presentation also well organized and astonishing. I didn’t know about bionic body that can be connected nervous system directly.

    It just reminds me in regards some disabled, which I heard from one of the professionals of social assistance. There are some physical challenged who pride their natural appearances so that they affirmatively accept the life as it be without using artificial limbs or prosthetic arms. Given that these people should be advocated, how can we convince them by elaborating benefits of the bionic bodies? or what can be listed drawbacks of their life without any artificial prosthetics?

    One of the characteristics of your speech I like is asking audience how they(we) understand each of your idea point by point. It is really substantial thing when we give a presentation to public.

  7. Hang Le says:

    Hi Yosuke,
    I like your presentation . I think it will cost a lot of money. I hope it would be inexpensive that every people can use it.
    Do you think that the Bionic Body will be developed ?
    Thank you.

  8. Ewelina says:

    Hi Yosuke,
    Intriguing, interesting, unexpected, that’s how I would describe your topic and your presentation in a few words. I wish we had more time, so you could talk about your paper a bit longer. Good speech, good preparation, timing and use of visual tools.
    Do you think it’s possible in the future for each individual who is in need for bionic part, receive one? That the bionic technology will get so cheap that anybody can afford it? And do you think we as a society are prepared to leave among people with bionic parts? I must say I was a bit shocking to see that boy moving his new hand, never seen that before, seemed so sci-fi.

  9. help2013rick says:

    Hi Yosuke,

    You gave a nice presentation! Thank you!

    – Nice videos and pictures, etc. Well done!
    – I liked your reference to Star Wars; it helped me to think more deeply about your topic. That scene where Luke adjusts his robotic hand is so famous.
    – When talking about Oscar Pistorius, you said “he has no leg.” Be careful, Mr. Pistorius was born without both legs. He is missing two legs, not one. singular/plural disagreement
    – Great timing! 8 minutes
    – You ask some very interesting questions during the presentation: “Is it good or bad?” “Is it really a handicap?” etc.

    These are just some complements and suggestions that I have for you.
    You did a great job! Thank you!

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